Partner with Us

Why Partner With Us?

Businesses need people and strategies that can respond to an ever-changing, complex world of work. Leverage the arts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to create a platform for connectivity and cohesiveness in your business and our community. 

Businesses who partner with the arts get more inspired and engaged employees, which helps you recruit and retain a talented workforce and gain a competitive edge. Americans for the Arts PARTnership Movement have identified the best reasons why partnering with the arts expands market share and creates a healthy workplace. Let us show you how!

  1. CULTIVATE DIVERSITY & EMPATHY  Partnering with the arts allows your employees, company, and community to gain better understanding of diverse cultures and ideas and helps build an inclusive workforce.
  2. AMPLIFY SKILLS  The arts reveal and enhance the breadth of talent and creativity among employees and teams by cultivating the creative thinking skills your business needs.
  3. DRIVE INNOVATION  The arts foster inspiration, empathy, and leadership - all of which establish a platform to innovate in an ever-evolving economy.
  4. SHOW GRATITUDE  Shakespeare from the Ground offers meaningful, enjoyable experiences and valuable benefits to your employees.
  5. SET YOUR BUSINESS APART  Leveraging a partnership with Shakespeare from the Ground will help you communicate your company's story by engaging customers and clients, conveying your unique values.
  6. ENLIVEN THE WORKPLACE  The arts stimulate positive company culture and conversation, foster employee well-being, and inspire a healthier work environment through unique and meaningful experiences for human connection.
  7. ENRICH COMMUNITY LIFE  The arts are essential to the development of a vibrant and diverse community in which the best employees want to live, work, shop, create, and contribute.
  8. ADVANCE CIVIC & SOCIAL PRIORITIES  Partnering with the arts fuels the economy, promotes health, wellness and safety, creates social cohesion and connectivity, and fosters civic engagement.

Shakespeare from the Ground is an organization completely reliant on business partnerships to thrive in the La Crosse and surrounding community. We bring a talented group of actors to a local bar for one night only, usually a Monday or Tuesday when your regular business might be slower, to perform one of Shakespeare's plays at no cost to you or your patrons.

We believe that Shakespeare is for everyone. Our mission is to make the works of Shakespeare interesting and accessible to your patrons through high-energy, raw performances developed by local and regional actors. Our vision is to develop and connect this dynamic group of experienced performers to a network of businesses willing to collaborate with us in the exploration of the works of Shakespeare as they were meant to be played: by actors, for the rowdy patrons on the ground.

We invite you to find out firsthand what happens when a group of dedicated actors who understand their work take one of Shakespeare's plays, eliminate the director, and are willing to step into the chaos. Step into the chaos with us and reap the benefits of partnering with the arts!