Comedy of Errors

July 2020

Doors Open at 6pm | Show Starts at 7pm
No Cover Charge!

Now announcing our summer production! Thank you to all who voted to help us decide. We'll bring Comedy of Errors to life in a unique way this July 2020. Our group is modeled after the premise developed by Chicago’s The Back Room Shakespeare Project of performing one of Shakespeare’s plays in the spirit in which it was written.

In Comedy of Errors, another set of twins has been shipwrecked… actually two sets! Antipholus and his slave Dromio set out to find their respective twins and cause a series of incidents of mistaken identity of course. Come and find out what happens when a group of dedicated actors who understand their work take one of Shakespeare's plays, eliminate the director, and are willing to step into the chaos. Your part? Drink and enjoy!

We’re still looking for a venue to partner with for Comedy of Errors this summer! Shakespeare from the Ground is an organization completely reliant on business partnerships to thrive in the La Crosse and surrounding community. We bring a talented group of actors to a local bar for one night only, usually a Monday or Tuesday when regular business might be slower, to perform one of Shakespeare's plays at no cost to the venue or patrons.

We believe that Shakespeare is for everyone. Our mission is to make the works of Shakespeare interesting and accessible through high-energy, raw performances developed by local and regional actors. Our vision is to develop and connect this dynamic group of experienced performers to a network of businesses willing to collaborate with us in the exploration of the works of Shakespeare as they were meant to be played: by actors, for the rowdy patrons on the ground.

Step into the chaos with us and reap the benefits of partnering with the arts! 

 Comedy of Errors will be Casting Soon!
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