Play with Us

We would love for you to play with us.
We don’t believe in auditions.

We believe that auditions set the wrong working relationship and deeply disempower actors by limiting the opportunities for the performers.

The way we work it is much easier.  We have a list of everyone who has worked with us or said that they’d like to. Every time we produce a show, we publish a Character and Scene Breakdown and a sign up sheet. Before you sign up for a role, we ask that you serioulsy consider:

  1. Are you available for these dates?
  2. What roles would you like to play and why?

The whole premise behind our ensemble is the enablement of our performers.  We would rather cast a performer who is passionate about a role than one who fits some sort of "Right" mold.

Shakespeare from the Ground will always attempt to cast inclusively; just because someone has discouraged you from a role in the past does not mean you cannot, or should not, do it.

Come and perform with us.  Do it.

Shakespeare from the Ground will not put you in a role (or keep you out of a role) because of who you are or how you present. The actor is in charge, period. You’re in charge of your characters’ pronouns & forms of address, costumes, everything. Nobody will tell you what it 'means' for your character to be played by 'someone like you'. No one will ask you to represent an idea of some kind. You decide what you mean. You represent yourself.